May 25, 2020




The ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful


Think back to when you were a child and your imagination could run wild - imaginary friends, talking toys or places that came alive just because you imagined they could. Whether you were being chased by dinosaurs, had the ability to fly or enjoyed an afternoon tea with teddy, our imagination allowed us to create whatever we wanted. In some cases, what we didn’t want as well, like the bogey man hiding under the bed! 


As we got older it was deemed childish to use our imagination so freely and we were told to “grow up”, so ... we shut down that beautiful creative world within us. 


Imaginary friends were replaced with real ones and we started to become more aware of ourselves and where we fit into the world around us. Imagination was still there in the background but now being used to picture ourselves as better looking, taller, more popular, better at sports and all the things one’s ego tells us we should be. 


Not everyone consciously shuts down their imagination though...  some openly invite their imagination to take front-grid position. 


Writers, artists, actors, musicians – those with creative pursuits learn to retain and hone their imagination as a tool to keep the door wide open on their imaginary world


Visionaries see their creations, designs or structures, make-up artists create looks to convey a statement, and movie directors imagine their stories as they bring then to life.


The newly divorced man having a midlife crisis imagines himself in a new sporty car with the young sexy female (or male as the case may be : ) sitting beside him, hanging off his every word.


To be able to engage our imagination allows our logical mind to take a well-deserved break. We give ourselves permission to let go and let be, whatever that may be for you. Whether you are restoring an old car in your garage or sewing a new wedding dress from scratch, you allow your imagination to guide you to what could be and then create it. 


Not everything is black or white - there is a lot of grey in the world that can be nurtured and turned into whatever your imagination wishes to create. The power of creation is yours if you just let go and use the imagination key to open the door to whatever you might like to do, be or have.  


At the very heart of manifestation is imagination. How can you manifest more money, the new house, better job, hot new boyfriend if you can’t first imagine yourself with it in your life? 


So, practice unabashed!  Imagine what you want to bring into your life and then get cracking at making it happen. 


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