February 8, 2018




There comes a time to say “what the fudge” and follow the heart instead of the head! 


Being a very logical person all of my life, I have learned to, and relied upon, using my smarts to ensure I had a job with enough money to support myself - put food on the table, warm clothes and somewhere safe to live.  Over the years I have always tried to better myself with a  – higher paying job, nicer home, keep fit, learn new skills, nurture more productive relationships and so on.  Most of my decisions were based on ‘what is the logical way to go’.  Some decisions were based on a misguided love of something or someone but I finally learned to cease that way of thinking


Now in my 50s, I prefer to follow my heart and not base my decisions on the logical way but rather what feels right.  I don’t mean following feelings of longing that are driven by ego but rather a real spiritual love from the heart.  I have faith now in my higher self and spirit to be guided and supported in my life and to trust in my intuition in making decisions. 


This for me means learning to walk with a foot in both worlds – the spiritual world and the physical world - and to find balance in both.  My interests in spiritual pursuits has grown exponentially and the more I give over to trust the more the Universe matches my efforts. 


I believe we are here for more than the sum of our parts and I now have a deeper curiosity that drives me to ask more questions, to learn more truths.  As I start to open up more to the spiritual side of my life, the more I better understand my life as a whole.  Curiosity and trust going hand in hand.


So, with excitement in my heart I now learn to truly walk with a foot in each world.


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