November 12, 2017



The world we live in is getting faster and faster and our minds are becoming a cacophony of thoughts and emotions. 


The Egoic Mind is a state of mind in which the ego is in control of your thoughts and emotions and is characterized by negative self-talk and unhelpful thinking patterns which can lead us to feel dis-empowered, hopeless and pessimistic about our future (Eckhart Tolle).


It is a gift unto itself if we can consciously move our perspective from the mind (ego) to our heart space (true self).


What I mean by this is, when we are all up in our heads, our mind can create stories and thought patterns that may or may not be true to what is actually happening around us. Have you ever had your mind create scenarios and thoughts that you know deep down are not true to what is really happening? I’m sure we have all heard the voices that perpetuate our internal dialogue.


Case in point – there is a serious pattern occurring in the world of individuals taking their own lives because someone they have never even met says ‘this is what we think of you, you should kill yourself' [social media trolls]. The individual is so caught up in their internal dialogue that their heart doesn’t have a chance to remind them that they are so much more than what they believe or what someone else tells them.


I recently read a story of a young man of only 29, who a few years ago was ready to jump to his death from a bridge over a marriage breakup with the belief that life was no longer worth living. He was so caught up in his self-talk that he believed suicide was the only answer. A policeman arrived at the scene and took the time to speak from his heart to the man about his own struggles. The young man felt the officer’s words in his heart and realised that he had so much more to live for. That man now goes through life being the voice from the heart for others who are also so caught up in their thoughts that they “can’t see the forest for the trees” (an expression for someone who is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole).


Lately, there seems to be a growing number of misguided people numbing themselves through drugs and/or alcohol in a desperate attempt at trying to get out of their heads. If they only knew there is a safer healthier more natural way!


If we could just learn how to take a step back and find the calmness within to connect to our true self/our higher self, we could then move out into the world from our heart space - learn to love and respect ourselves and others instead of living in fear and never-ending struggle.


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