May 20, 2017







I have an image in my mind of a magnificent lighthouse that stands on the edge of the ocean on a beautiful island somewhere on the globe. This is a very special lighthouse. I have created the lighthouse from my life lessons, my life experiences and information taught to me along the way.


It is a shining beacon of light to others who may still be trying to find their way in life.  As I was once adrift and felt ‘lost at sea', I hope to help anyone else who may also feel purposeless and adrift.


I love the analogy of the lighthouse - it is tall, strong, bright and a shining beacon in whatever storms may prevail.


During the day the light is turned off and the sun is high in the sky. The landscape around the lighthouse is open and filled with flowers, birds and insects all actively going about their day. As the sun sets and the day ends, the lighthouse lights up and shines out into the dark waters to guide lost souls home.


Each brick of the lighthouse is a lesson I have learned. Each step of the spiral staircase inside is knowledge I have acquired and skills I practice to help me rise to the next step. The more I become aware, the higher up the staircase I go – my destination is the Divine light at the top.


Inside is warm, spacious, comfortable and safe. A nurturing environment to grow and become.


.As I learn more and connect to the beautiful soul inside of me, I shine brighter and brighter. I believe the more one shines the better they can be seen by others, who may be seeking guidance and support so they too can open up and shine. We are all Divinely connected and we have the ability to wake-up, open-up and be ‘brighter’ in our lives.  As we do, we can all connect and share in the love of the Divine to live a more joyous life.


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