April 25, 2017





Definition:  The action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream


I have always valued my ability to carve out my own individual path without feeling the need to ‘follow the pack’. My goal is to learn and seek truths, strengthen and expand my heart, connect and share with others – this was a path I felt aligned to. 


On a recent trip to Vietnam I was blown away watching the sheer volume of motor bikes on the roads, which initially seemed totally insane. But as I watched the thousands of riders move as one, I could see the beauty of the respect toward each other and the unspoken understanding that everyone had a goal, and that working together they could all achieve it with ease and grace. 


On a deeper level for me, I wondered why we can’t achieve similar in life – all move together in synchronicity to achieve common goals. Not a need to follow others but a desire to be part of a collective flow. 


Of course there are still traffic accidents in Vietnam but it seems these are rare in comparison to the overwhelming number of bikes moving 'en masse' each day. Once I got the rhythm on how to navigate my way through the sea of riders, I became part of the flow and I could see that if one bike branched off on its own tangent, the collective flow would be disrupted and the magic of moving as one was broken.


My epiphany (a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization) was that I could still be the beautiful individual on my path in life but also be a part of everyone else collectively. We may not think the same, look the same or even agree with each but we are all ultimately connected. If we could just learn to move together with the ease and grace of flow, we could achieve our individual goals, without disrupting the beauty of our connection with each other. This could then free us from judgments, prejudices and fears toward each other. 


As the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City continues to move as one, so in life I believe we could find a way to go with the flow.


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