January 31, 2017


I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t aware!


Before you delete and move on with your day, allow me to briefly share with you why the word Awareness (knowledge or perception of a situation or fact) is my buzz word.


To keep it simple, ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’.  Meaning, if I am unaware of something and then I become aware of it, I then have a choice point (the brief pause between thought and action that allows us to make a different or better choice).


To some, 'ignorance is bliss' and I get that as I've chosen to be ignorant when it suited me, but it was never truly blissful.  Ignorance is just a stall tactic and I would prefer to be aware, have a choice and make an informed decision, even if the informed decision is to change nothing at all.


This new found awareness happened a few years ago when I first heard of NLP.  Neuro Linguistic Programming is a long convoluted name that meant very little to me but at its simplest form, it is a communication model.  There is a lot of debate from ‘experts’ about NLP but it taught me awareness on so many levels.  I signed up for the NLP Practitioners course and half way through the 8 days of learning I couldn’t wait for it to finish!  It hit a nerve and felt very invasive as I peeled back the layers of me - bringing awareness of me to me.  But by the end of the course I felt as though I had set myself free and I wanted more so I signed up for the NLP Master Practitioner.  The awareness blew my perception of life right out of the water.


My share with you today is don’t be afraid to unravel the string of yourself and find out who you really are inside and how you show up to others in the world.  Like the movie The Matrix (which is about people of the future living in a constructed program state), we also run ‘programs’ in our head of how we perceive information, process it and then respond to others.  If a program you run is holding you back in life (ie fear or self-doubt), by bringing awareness to self that you run that program/act that way, you then have a choice to let it go or at least be flexible, so it serves you and doesn’t hold you hostage.


For me, awareness has set me free from my limited perception of how my life should be.


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