January 30, 2017


Nike coined the ultimate phrase Just Do It, which says it all for me!


I love the phrase as it cuts through the ‘over thinking’, the ‘doubt’’, the ‘fear’ and the ‘stall tactic’ processes that a person can go through when trying to decide or action something.  If one has clearly evaluated the pros and cons and now it’s just a case of move forward or not…. ‘Just Do It’ for me is the green light to GO.


I also believe the key component in manifesting anything in life is to ‘Just Do It’.  Whatever one’s manifesting practice may be – clearing chakras, raising vibes, mantras, vision boards or beliefs - without the key action ingredient of ‘Just Do It’, manifesting is still just wishful thinking.


I have manifested all of my life without being consciously aware of it and long before I heard the magic phrase, I just visualised stepping through whatever it was that I was fearful/doubtful or sometimes hesitant to do and I just did it!  As a visual person, this has always worked for me.  If I wanted to create anything in my life, I visualised it, believed it was possible and then just did it.


Over the years I have traveled, lived in other countries, had many different types of jobs, changed careers several times, studied courses that sometimes seemed incomprehensible and generally have put myself out there and tested myself to see what it felt like to try different things.  Stepping through fear or doubt has allowed me to do what I set myself to do.  I have had medical issues that needed to be addressed and stepped through the fear and just did it.


Mantras like Just Do It and Always Look on the Bright Side of Life have accompanied me through my life.  Always Look on the Bright Side of Life brings a smile to my face whenever I am in a tense situation or in need of comfort - I could just visualize the Monty Python crew singing their song and whatever was going on never seemed so bad.  


It seems my action mantra  Just Do It still serves me to get things done and is the drive behind whatever I wish to manifest in life.  How cool is that! 


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