January 29, 2017


When I was young, I thought those who meditated were either hippies (earthy vegetarians) or Gurus (disciplined monks) and they were either seeking spiritual enlightenment or hiding from society.  I am neither hippy nor guru but cannot imagine my life now without meditation.


I speak to people who still believe meditation is only for those who can sit cross-legged and totally clear their mind of all thought.  I wish!  I believe the key is not trying to clear the mind of all thought, but instead allow the thoughts to flow by while focusing on a connection to a deeper, calmer space within.


We have become so conditioned to the fast pace of life where thinking and doing more & faster faster is the 'norm' and the idea of slowing down, being calm and centered seems unobtainable. For some, there is real fear around meditating. The fear of truly connecting with self and what might happen - a mindset that the connection with self will open ‘Pandora’s Box’ and all will come spilling out. Their carefully crafted façade or persona will fall away and the real and vulnerable self will be exposed.


For many, a common practice is to suppress (push down) any thoughts or emotions that are in the ‘too hard basket’, but like a piece of toilet paper left stuck to the bottom of one’s shoe, there is a tendency to drag sh*t around with us that could easily be removed.


Real issues like suicide, the ‘numbing’ of life with alcohol and drugs, addictions, frustrations, anger and violence are RIFE and we really need to find a healthy way to take the pressure off and bring balance, calmness and love back into life.


For me, meditation is the key that opens the door to my higher self (my true self).  It’s like a clear pathway to the ‘homepage’ of me - all information can be found on the homepage if one just knows how to access it!


Once the connection with higher self is created, it becomes easier to move into that space at will.  As life adds more pressure on the outside, there can now be more balance and calmness on the inside.  Find your way back to your true self.


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