January 26, 2017


Question:  What drives some people to step out of the flow of the crowd and walk their own path?


I have always created my own path – not to try to make a statement or to stand out, quite the opposite.  I’ve just never felt at home going along with ‘what everyone else was doing’.  I have an inner compass that guides me and of the times I ignored the compass, I’ve felt out of alignment and on the wrong path.


At the tender age of 10, my primary school teacher told me - ‘some people are leaders and some are followers, there is nothing wrong with being a follower, just make sure you follow someone worth following’.  At that young age, her statement really resonated with me.  The teacher saw I was following a friend who was leading me astray and in my shyness and need to fit in, I couldn't see that’s exactly what I was doing.  The teacher saw an inner strength in me as a leader that I was not yet aware of.


Thankfully I had that realisation before our family moved town to a very rough and scary town where carving out my own path was essential for survival.


I have always learned by experience and believe me, there have been many mistakes, stumbles & falls, bad choices and some 'numbing & avoiding'.  I see my past akin to navigating my way through shark infested waters – enjoyed the thrills, survived the perils, learned the lessons and gained a few scars.


For me, the answer is to listen to my own inner guidance and if something doesn’t feel right, I don’t do it.  I prefer to feel authentic in what I do and who I associate with, rather than follow the crowd or focus on what others think or do. 


I believe I am a spiritual being immersed in the amazing human experience of life, which is to be lived – the journey more than the destination.  My goal is to shine brightly and help spread the light so others can do the same.


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