January 25, 2017


Have you ever tried to play on a seesaw by yourself - standing in the middle of the seesaw until both ends balance horizontally?  As a kid, I would sit at one end and my much larger friend at the other - I would be ‘up’ and he would remain firmly at ground level.  We finally discovered that if my heavier friend sat closer to the middle of the seesaw, we could find the balance and then seesaw up and down.  So clever!


Fast forward 30+ years and I had clearly forgotten how to find balance.  I was in my 40s, happily married and working in a government job - which paid the bills but felt like a prison sentence!  The focus seemed to be 'make more money', 'buy more possessions' and 'achieve more at work'.  I knew I was not aligned with the respectable life I was living... it was as though the 3D colour version of me was fading into a flat chalk outline.  An inner voice was telling me there was more to life and it was time for balance.  So, finding balance became my quest.


Focusing on meditation, I realised the answers where not to be found in an external source, but rather from my own inner guidance.  I gave myself permission to learn and practice what made me happy.  That opened a door on a learning curve that is still going strong today.  While still holding my ‘respectable law job’, I studied courses, attended workshops and retreats and met new and interesting people.  I was engaged in life and loving it! 


I was guided to learn a mix of what I like to call ‘logical left-brain’ material and ‘spiritual/creative right-brain’ material.  I studied NLP Practitioner & Master Prac, Diploma of Management, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, then moved onto studying meditation, Reiki, Theta, Pellowah, Clairvoyant Healing and the Akashic Records.


This brought me to a cross-road - do I continue with the respectable government job that paid well but brought zero joy OR start my own business and do what made me happy?  My own biz would ultimately cost money with no foreseeable profit for the first 1-2 years (if at all) and trying to practice in a city that was too expensive for us to continue living in. 


Both of us had worked all of our lives since 17 years of age and now in our 50s we were tired of the rat-race.  We knew we needed to bring balance back into our lives and to find our true selves again.  So, we completely changed our lives – gave up all that we knew and moved to another country. 


We now live a happy stress-free lifestyle with the focus no longer on ego based pursuits of money, possessions and achievements. We find joy in the simple things like meditation or watching the sun set over the beach while sipping a glass of wine.  I can practice my array of skills that make me happy but with no pressure to make a profit - just for the joy of doing it. 


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