For me, meditation is the key that opens the door to my higher self (my true self).  It’s like a clear pathway to the ‘homepage’ of me - all information can be found on the homepage if one just knows how to access it.


Once the connection with higher self is created, it becomes easier to move into that space at will.  As life adds more pressure on the outside, there can now be more balance and calmness on the inside. 

There are many styles and ways to meditate but I believe it can also be a very individual choice of what works best for you.  You may like soft music playing, you may prefer complete silence.  You may enjoy guided meditations that allow your imagination to open up or you may like chanting or a repeated mantra to get you in the zone.  Ask yourself what feels right for you.  However you find your way to your true self, enjoy the experience of the connection.