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I have been 'on the move' since I was born - growing up in country Australia then making the move in my teenage years to the beautiful Northern beaches of Sydney.  In the 80s, it was the perfect mix of the best Aussie rock bands at our local pubs and the most beautiful pristine beaches in the world as our playground.  Life was good!

My early 20s hit and the wanderlust itch set in, so I moved to London to live/work for 12 months (as you did in those days), then drove around Europe in a campervan with my best friend (BF).  Life was adventurous! 

I returned to Sydney and immersed myself in working in bars and rock venues in Sydney - bands that went on to be world- renowned Aussie icons all started in local Sydney pubs.  We all lived the relaxed beach-party lifestyle listening to amazing music and it was a lot of fun.  Life was awesome!

Wanderlust struck again and I moved to the Gold Coast – the ultimate laid-back beach lifestyle by day, and the endless hospitality-industry party scene by night.  I made some lifelong friends while living on the GC – one such BF decided to move to Vancouver Canada with me on a 12 month working holiday visa.  We found our way into bar jobs at Club Soda which was THE rock bar in Vancouver at the time - seeing some of the best live music Canada had to offer.  Life rocked! 


What started out as 12 months for me turned into eight years in Vancouver and when I finally returned to the Gold Coast, I felt like a fish out of water.  I had moved on and grown yet all around me was the same and I tried to fit back in but it just never felt right. Where was home?

After a few years, wanderlust called again so I moved to Melbourne.  I arrived in December 2001 looking for a better quality of life - a new job and hopefully meet a nice Italian/Aus guy.  I hadn’t planned to move at such a tragic time in history, but there I was a month after 9/11 and fear was everywhere.  But, within 6 months arriving into Melbourne, I met my future husband, landed a great job and was diagnosed coeliac – what a way to start the next chapter of my life!

After fourteen years and a fully-grounded life in Melbourne, wanderlust came knocking again and took me (and my willing husband) to Asia to live.  We decided to retire from our well paid Government jobs, give up everything we had accumulated in our lives and move to a foreign speaking (military ruled) country to live.  For four years we traveled the world extensively and made Thailand our home.  What a life experience that was!

2020 and a new chapter begins! 

Wanderlust has brought us home and we now live happily in the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  My husband wants to work again to find purpose in his life and I am eager to start my own biz - the next phase in my evolution. 


While living overseas I created my own webpage so I could blog and express myself, but I had to keep a low profile due to where I lived.  I am now very excited to be able to openly move into what really lights me up and see where it takes me.  Life is Divine!

Angel Readings


I have had many different careers over my working life including:

- bar tendering in nightclubs/bars/casino,

- a certified fitness instructor,

- a beauty therapist;

- over 20 years as a legal assistant in law firms. 


I always gave 100% but never truly felt any passion in what I did until I started to listen to my heart instead of my head.  Along the way I also acquired:

- Legal Secretary Diploma

- Diploma of Management

- Beauty Therapy Diploma

- Train the Trainer Certification

- Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

- Certificate in Event Management

- NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner

* Clairvoyant Healer Practitioner

* Theta Healing Basic DNA & Advanced DNA

* Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1

* Pellowah Healing

* Angel Healing Diploma

* Akashic Records Guide